Everest Hack is a 48 hours hackathon event where students, designers, entrepreneurs, hackers, and problem solvers come together in small teams to share ideas and develop innovative solutions to the challenges presented and faced by our societies through the medium of technology.

Our team of Everest Hack includes hackers who have participated  in over twenty-five hackathons in different parts of Europe, who truly understand the spark and creativity that hackathons ignite.

Our Vision

Our motivation is to bring international hackathon experience to our country, Nepal.

  • Encourage creativity and teamwork spirit

Everest Hack provides a platform for participants to unleash their creativity and collaboration skills, which are two vital skills for learning and career growth.

  • Create next generation tech leaders

Every industry, from finance to transportation, requires people who know how to work with technology. By equipping participants with technical skills along with workshops on latest open source technologies, software, APIs, and hardwares, more opportunities will open up for them in the future.

  • Promote Gender Diversity

To promote active participation of females, we encourage female participation via targeted events/workshops. Also, we strictly follow our code of conduct to make a welcoming, safe and comfortable environment for everyone.

  • Expand “Hackathon” culture in Nepal

Hackathon culture encourages people to think out of the box. Participants challenge themselves to create something new and take ownership of what they create.

Why Kathmandu?

Undoubtedly, Kathmandu is one of the most active and vivid centers of technological progress in Nepal. Many renowned tech companies, IT students, freelancers, designers, and entrepreneurs reside in the capital. Therefore, we think that Kathmandu would be a great starting point for establishing a quality Hackathon culture in Nepal

What you can do?

Apply, Hack & Win exciting Prizes.

Happy Hacking!